Behind The Antarctic Ice Wall

Behind the Antarctic Ice Wall, which some say exists and that it seals off a lost continent, there appear to be some really odd statues, and perhaps even a “lost” civilization.

They may be “lost” to us in the wider world that we are familiar with, but assuming they exist, it is doubtful that they consider themselves lost at all.

It’s even possible that they were “found” during one of two of the late Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s expeditions to Antarctica.

At least, that’s what the evidence suggests when we see some very unusual footage in the video about what’s Beyond the Ice Wall appended to this report.

Captain Scott’s ship, the Terra Nova.

Scott and four companions did reach the South Pole as a finale to his second expedition to Antarctica – known as the Terra Nova expedition, which was the title of his ship.

But to me, the most intriguing thing is that he found fossilised tree branches on his return joiurney from the South Pole (unfortunately, he and his companions all died)

There are many wikipedia and private pages on the Internet about Scott and this is from one of them

ON THEIR WAY BACK FROM the South Pole in 1912, Robert Falcon Scott and his team discovered the delicate lines of plant leaves pressed into the hard rock of Antarctica. They were “beautifully traced” fossils, Scott wrote. Despite the explorers’ fatigue and dwindling supplies, they collected samples, evidence that the icy expanse around them had once been far greener. When their bodies were discovered months later, so were the fossilized leaves of Glossopteris indica, a prehistoric tree that no longer exists, along with the preserved wood of a coniferwere found with him.”

Scientists have since discoivered a wealth of fossilised plant life and even skeletons of extinct animals.

Their explanation for the fact that this sort of life was once prolific there, is that the continent was much warmer, and yet it still experienced long periods of winter darkness, as it does today.

But what if they are wrong? What if there was a time when the entire panet was a virtual greenhouse, with no ice and snow-covered regions as there are today in the Arctic and Antarctica?

What is their explanation for the existence of pyramids in Antarctica, similar in size to those found in Egypt, and throughout the world?

Is it not logical to postulate that our planet has been the playground – and, in effect, the scene of many expeditions from elsewhere, by scientists from other planets in the universe?

Why else do we see cave drawiungs of ETs in one form or another throughout the world?

And if we also understand that what we are told by those in “authority” is only as much as they want us to know, is it not possible that Scott DID come across evidence of a living human species?

You decide.

And that brings us to the video.

From ancient ET art to Nazi UFOs and Images shot by Captain Scott (they say) Behind the Antarctic Ice Wall – Plus a secret US Mil expedition to check Antarctica’s pyramids.

Behind the Antarctic Ice Wall

Why say Real or Fake? Who would bother to fake this many images, and for what purpose? They’re real.

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