Civil war is a possibility because tensions in the world, and the USA in particular, are at the boiling point. Plus military Recall Announced. And poison in supplements.

One man’s thoughts on Boiling Point and Consequences.

In Other News

Retired military being recalled to active duty.

A report by Restricted Republic. Great reporting – highly recommended
Use this link to their channel to suscribe or follow. Are they prpearing for civil war?

Breaking: FDA to Delete Ivermectin COVID Content. An Epoch Times Report.

Also in Epoch Times…

Man convicted for being in Capitol 3 minutes on J6 – a thorough report on how the J6 committee and DC judges and juries have turned totally communist and are taking political prisoners – and they’re still doing it. No wonder emotions in the US are reaching the boiling point. Read More

Cyanocobalumine in your supplements should scare you to death – it comes from dried sewage.

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