Quakes Volcanoes and Earth Changes


Quakes, volcanoes and Earth Changes are ramping up.

This spectacular escape from an erupting volcano in Guatemala shows us how quickly our lives can be in danger, and how lucky we may be to escape.

We’ll get to earthquakes, tsunamis and earth changes in a minute, but first ….

This article is being written not only for the people who are familiar with the world situation and the conflict going on behind the scenes, but also for those who are only now, or who have just recently become aware that “things ain’t what they seem.”

Let me explain, as briefly as I can.

Many articles in my newsletter and on this blog deal with the unseen multifaceted war that is going on between the Deep State (Black Hats) and the White Hats who are working to destroy the Black Hats’ world-control empire.

The war between Russia and Ukraine – which is in reality a war between Russia and the West – is just one aspect of current events that are playing out around the globe.

The blunt facts are that while Russia is using traditional military means, and has openly stated that its intention is to eliminate US-sponsored biolabs, and to take out those involved in child trafficking and worse, the West (the US and Nato in particular) are supporting Ukraine in order to keep that war going.


Because it is the crooked politicians and oligarchs of Europe and the West who are the main players in worldwide child trafficking and corruption on many levels.

Many of them are Satan worshippers (another subject, but it’s another fact) and once they lose the war against Russia, all their evil deeds will be fully exposed.

Their empire will tumble like a deck of cards.

The Golden Age Ahead

The widespread expectation among the tens of thousands who have become aware of this scenario is that once the final battles are over, we will never again be the slaves and subjects of such tyrants. We and our descendants will live in a Golden Age of peace and harmony.

HOWEVER – while that will be the best of all outcomes, there is a point I want to make about the planet itself, and it has to do with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and Earth changes.

I do so as a retired reporter having experience in all media since 1960.

I have personally experienced earthquakes, written many articles about earth changes, and have done much research and written several books about the role of the New World Order (currently known as the Deep State or Khazarian Mafia) and those engaged in the World Economic Forum (WEF).

These people are often referred to as the Black Hats.

As a collective, their overlords are a group of families, organisations, and corporations, including the political/military/industrial – and pharmaceutical – complex.

They have spent literally decades, in fact centuries, infiltrating and then controlling governments, and central banks around the world.

Their black budget programs and their brilliant but psycopathic scientists have developed many technologies that are far ahead of what is publicly available.

Among them is a method of controlling and creating weather, earthquakes, tsunamis and earth changes.

This image (above, snagged on May 25 2023, ) is just a snapshot of the many earthquakes that occur on a daily basis, at varying intensities, throughout our world.

Some of them are artifically induced, such as the incredibly devastating earthquake that took as many as 41,000 lives in Turkey in February 2023.

The Deep State has this weather manipulation and earthquake creation technology.

One facility is the Highfrequency Active Auroral Research Project, based in Alaska, and known as HAARP.

HAARP in Alaska

As with all such projects, we are told its purpose is to benefit humanity in some way.

That is a lie.

You might have to do some diligent research of your own to validate that statement for yourself, but when you do, you will begin to slowly understand that the true intention behind these supposedly benign and “helpful to humanity” projects and campaigns, is the exact opposite of what we are led to believe.

Before I go further into the realm of earthquakes, tsunamis and earth changes, here is another example of their propaganda.

Propaganda (aka subtle brainwashing) is an art they have perfected (up to a point) over many decades.

Nor could they have done so without enlisting the aid of, and owning, the mainstream media.

Add to that their control of the education curricula, and at a slow but steady pace they have quietly brainwashed most of us into believing they are simply a benign group of individuals and foundations and charities etc who want the best for humanity.

(If you continue to believe that, you’ll probably like their idea of being able to colonize Mars in a few years, as stated in this next short video).

Another catastrophic event which the Black Hats are believed to have instigated, was the Tohoku earthquake that destroyed the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

Just click the video below to see how far a tsunami can spread – and what it did to Japan in 2011.

Here we have a classic example of the mainstream media, in this case Reuters and the New York Times, fulfilling their roles as spinmeisters for the New World Order.

The article assures us that there will be “extremely minor health consequences” from the seaborne radiation gradually contaminating the entire Pacific Ocean. It will be “diluted.”

These days the mainstream media is only there to manipulate and control what we think.

The only countermeasure is to think for ourselves, question everything they say, and do our own research.

That’s what I’ve done myself because I personally suspect Mother Earth must also be considered as we go through the Golden Age birthing process.

From what I’ve witnessed, giving birth can be a prolonged and painful process. Temporary, yes, but it certainly appears to be prolonged as you’re going through it – or if you’re the standby observer, the “other parent” as I have been in the past.

Now, getting Back To Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Earth Changes

This week, (May 21 2023) there was a M7.7 ‘quake near Vanuatu in the Pacific.

Was it natural or man-made?

I don’t know.

Already this year, according to the USGS, between January 5 and May 21, there have been 58 M6.0+ earthquakes;

13 of these have been above M7.0 (keep that in mind).

Over the same time period in 2022, there were 57 earthquakes in the M6.0+ category between January 5 and May 21.

Two were M7.0 and above.

Now, if we go back say 10 years, to 2013, we find there were 60 quakes recorded in that range between January 5 and May 21.

Two were above M8.0+, and seven were M7.0 and above.

And 10 years before that (to 2003), there were 54 such earthquakes recorded by the USGS between January 4 and May 21.

Three were M7.0+.

According to the USGS, “Although earthquakes are commonly plotted as single points on a map, they rupture planes that have dimensions. A magnitude 7.5 strike slip earthquake typically ruptures a fault ~120 km long and ~18 km wide.”

I did this research not just out of curiosity. I did it in part because while there is every reason to look forward to wonderful times in Nature when the final battle is won, Nature has a way of springing surprises on us – and nothing is more surprising than an earthquake.

Both my wife and I have had earthquake experiences. She was in San Francisco during one of the Big Ones.

I was on the 7th floor of the Avalon television studio in New Zealand. The building seemed to sway three fet back and forth.

Another happened while I was doing a television news report in a school classroom. The kids dived under their desks while I stood there like a stunned mullet.

In my case, they were sufficent to make me understand that living anywhere near fault lines is not a good idea.

So we moved out of the capital city, Wellington, where the harbor floor had risen as much as 20 feet in a previous Big One – and that is only one of the fault lines under that city.

I also see this planet as a living being , and even if you don’t see it that way, there is plenty of evidence that she has always been changing, stretching, contracting, just like any other creature.

She is just a little slow, or so it seems, for we are told it has taken millenia to raise the Himalayas.

Climbers who have been to the top of Mount Everest brought back rocks in which the fossils of sea lilies were discovered”source)

But it only takes moments to destroy a city or create a massive and unstoppable tsunami.

For the world to have experienced 13 earthquakes above M7.0 in just the last 4 1/2 months certainly seems way above average to me.

But what do I know?

I do know that this planet does not function according to any human clock or timeframe.

But she does tend to warn us in advance of certain events.

Examples would be clouds before a storm. A change in humidity or a red sky at dawn before it rains sometime in the next 24 hours..

And perhaps she warns us with an increasing series of natural earthquakes and potential tsunamis to let us know that it’s time to quit running with the herd.

Time to leave the coastline (say for example if you live anywhere near the San Adreas Fault or the undersea Juan deFuca plate and the Cascadia subduction zone that runs from Washington state through Oregon and into northern California).

Frankly, I see it as not beyond the realm of possibility that the Deep State’s remaining death rattles could well include the creation of an earthquake or two that could devastate the Pacific West Coast, from California to Vancouver Canada and beyond.

Or it could be an entirely natural convulsion, such as those that have been recorded in the past. One of them sent a tsunami as far as Japan.

Volcanoes Sit Atop Fault Lines

Add to that the ever-simmering volcanoes, of which there are hundreds around the globe, and many under the ocean. Any of these can be set off – or can go off by themselves – at any time.

Unfortunately, we humans have very short attention spans. These days it’s almost too much to ask people to focus on a few minutes of video – TikTok has cut it down to about three minutes max!

Nevertheless, some movies do keep people’s attention – and they are used by the Deep State to let us know what they’re planning for the future.

Naturally, that statement smacks of being a conspiracy theory, but it is a little more than a coincidence that life often follows theater.

Movies about pandemics have preceded pandemics.

Dr Fauci’s earlier talks about a pendemic being inevitable during the Trump administration is another example of the Deep State foretelling their plans – as was the Agenda 201 meeting and Bill Gates talking about (and planning) the same thing.

The particular movie I have in mind right now was titled “San Andreas,” starring Dwayne Johnson – aka “The Rock.”

There’s an excellent blog analysis of it at this link. In fact, that blog really deserves some serious attention for what its geologist author has to say about the movie, earthquakes, and the San Andreas fault.

Frankly, if I lived anywhere near the California coast, I’d be asking myself, “What if The Big One hits, let’s say, next year? Have I got time to get out of Dodge?” And I would. ASAP.

This Will Shock Some Readers – But Not Others

As you may, or may not know, many Hollywood “stars” are pedophiles and Satanists. “The Rock” is, by his own admission, an eater of children. He also says “Hail Satan”.

Just joking? You decide

Actors are actors, and sometimes it’s hard to tell where the acting starts and stops.

However, there are “tells” that can say more than words when it comes to facial expressions. That’s why I used a freeze-frame of The Rock’s momentary change of expression at the 20-second mark as he was declaring that he eats children.

Honestly, I find it hard to believe that a man would use this line – “I eat children” – more than once, especially on little girls, and then make a written post about it as well.

That said, when the extent of the pedophilia and Satanic rituals involving celebrities becomes more widely exposed, that will be something of an earthquake in its own right.

It took a while, but to further make the point that Satanism is a “thing” among the elite, I located this one (below) by Brad Pitt, professing his adherence to Satanism.

He is almost drowned out by the laughter of his audience, which to me sounds like the laughter of shock.

Pitt himself certainly doesn’t look anything like a person making a joke.

And by the way, I did considerable searching for additional videos involving these stars, and found that anything to do with the combination of Satanism and a star’s name, inevitably came up with a “not available” screen.

I also found Brad Pitt saying he regretted being involved with ex-wife Angelina Jolie, who was into Illuminati rituals. I have seen her describing her inititaion on a video years ago, but of course that video has disappeared as well, and I do not believe a word Pitt says about that.

Meanwhile, Pitt has also publicly said there is a lot of pedophilia in Hollywood, but, oddly enough, has done the voice-over for at least one of Pedophile Joe Biden’s campaign commercials.

Methinks a massive coverup is the order of the day. Be these “stars.” celebrities and politicians pedophiles and/or Satanists, there are thousands of people who now know the game is up, which is why they are desperate to keep the lid on what will be a tsunami of truth.

Meanwhile, with various “influencers” telling us that we’re getting closer to having 90 percent of the population waking up to what’s going on, I can but hope that at least some of the awakening ones do see a bright future.

But I also hope they are sensing that Nature has a lot of cleaning up to do as well – and that could include major earthquakes, tsunamis, and earth changes the likes of which we have yet to experience.

The Yellowstone Factor

I mean, what if Yellowstone finally does what geologists have warned about for decades?

If we read these reports from 2017 from right to left, we see that Yellowstone had experienced almost 900 earthquakes in just two weeks.

And then the mainstream media throughout America used its power to control the narrative by telling us “Swarms of earthquakes in Yellowstone are nothing to worry about.”

To keep things somewhat in perspective, I did a search for “Yellowstone earthquakes today” (May 24 2023) and came up with the below image.

Those are very small earthquakes, and obviously nothing to worry about.

But they are no proof at all that Yellowstone won’t erupt tomorrow…or next month…or next year.

Scientists have somehow deduced that Yellowstone experienced an absolutely massive eruption about 3 million years ago, then another perhaps a million years back, and a third only 600,000 years ago.

They have also plotted (as in the below image) how far the ash cloud is likely to spread in the next eruption.

Scientists’ warnings are mostly couched in references to statistics, so they can say it has been maybe a million years since the last event – and statistics now tell us that an eruption is very unlikely in the near future.

Imagine that. Imagine the implications of ascribing dates from the past to “predict” events of the future, or discount concerns of the present – on a planet that does not operate according to a human clock, or calendar, or human statistics.

I think, if I were living within a thousand miles of Yellowstone, in California, say, I’d worry about having my eardrums shattered – along with a zillion panes of glass in every highrise.

I’d also take careful note of the following simulation of a Yellowstone eruption. For educational purposes only, of course.

My question to myself is, “Am I being a doomsayer here?”

My answer is, “No.”

I am simply bringing these possibilities to your attention so you can assess them for yourself, and act on them (or not) however you choose.

You might think the references to pedophiles and Satan worshippers were out of place – but they’re not. Many like them have sold their souls to the Devil in exchange for fame, fortune, and above all, power.

The worst of them, those in the Khazarian Mafia, the WEF and many other organisations have expected their carefully laid plans of the last many decades to culminate with the genocide of many millions of us ordinary Earth-dwellers.

They want us dead.

That’s what this global bioweapon jab-fest was all about – and before long we may see them start fearmongering once again.

They have seen how compliant people are, and they have been able to inject literally millions of people with deadly murder weapons.

I’m sure they’ll try to do it again.

However, that’s a massive subject, truly worthy of your own further research.

I can help you with that.

This is Klaus Schwab, the nominal head of the World Economic Forum.

He is a puppetmeister, and his former students, such as Trudeau in Canada, Macron in France, Inslee in Washington state, and Ardern in New Zealand, have turned their countries or states into dictatorships, with millions jabbed, and now dying prematurely.

It is murder and genocide, and there is no other name for it.

Therefore, I have reworked his organisation’s propaganda piece about what they have been brainwashing us about Agenda 2030, into a slightly different, but very telling version.

This excuse for a man is a pervert.

It’s also very important to add that while this article has focused mainly on events in America, these potentials apply everywhere in the world.

There are literally hundreds of volcanoes around the globe, many of them under the oceans, and no doubt not all have been discovered so far.

And they all act as vents above tectonic plates.

So what is this leading to, before we welcome in the Golden Age?

Did I say ‘quakes, volcanoes, and Earth changes?

Below are two future maps – maps I found years ago of the world of the future, after we have gone through some massive ‘quakes, volcanoes, and earth changes.

But as I have said, this is simply information – information is neutral.

How you interpret it, or act on it, is up to you.

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