The President Trump Prophecy


Ramtha made a startling prophecy about President Trump in December 2016.

This book takes that prophecy and explores the “pyramid of power” that has cost the lives of presidents from Lincoln to Kennedy.

But what does the future hold?

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Not since President Kennedy has such an outspoken man been elected in the United States – and now President Donald Trump is faced with a dilemma.

Having been a businessman all his life, making billions in the process, as president he now has to choose to either join the club (the “club” that hides in the shadows at the top of the pyramid, or is embedded as the “Deep State” within government and its departments and agencies) or fulfill his campaign promises and “Make America Great Again”…in more ways than one.

In this book, retired veteran investigative journalist Michael Knight (editor of The North Star Newsletter)  brings you a unique perspective on the past, the present, and the future.

President Trump is constantly under siege as outlets like CNN (referred to in this book as the Cabal News Network), continue to insist that he is unfit for the job.

What they will never report – but what is revealed here, exclusively – is that President Donald Trump has friends in very high places.

Among them is Ramtha the Enlightened One.

Ramtha is an enigma to many people, but who he is is well documented in this book – along with his prophecy about President Trump, and UFOs, and why this will lead to some truly radical changes for the entire world.

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