The HunterBiden-secret-emails


The New York Post got a genuine “scoop” when it printed an article about many incriminating emails and images involving Hunter Biden and his business interests in Ukraine. The mainstream and social media outlets for the most part ignored, buried, censored or banned the article or any references to it. The editor of the NY Post has said you should read the full article and decide for yourself if it is legitimate, rather than having your opinion formed by those who are debunking the story. Therefore, the article is printed in full in this free pdf, which you are welcome to pass on as an email attachment if you so choose. These file types (*pdf) do not gather malware in transmission. Or you may simply send an email with the above link to those who may be interested. – Michael Knight. (Just add to cart, ignore PayPal buttons, go thru checkout – be sure to check terms box – and you will see a download link for the pdf).

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