Martin Geddes Essay – Total Reset Of Everything


“The Total Reset of Everything” is another Martin Geddes masterpiece.

This illustrated (and free) pdf document reveals in  succinct detail what Geddes refers to as a “global war of subversion and infiltration” which has reached its “endgame.”

That endgame is playing out right now.

As one of the most level-headed writers on the subject, Geddes presents the facts in an unbiased analytical manner – such that any reader will gain a clear understanding of how we as a world population have been the victims of an unseen agenda which has tied us to financial slavery for the benefit of the few whose ambition has been world control. And how America stands as the last true bastion of freedom.

From the prophetic words of the late John F Kennedy (which led to his assassination) to the role of President Donald Trump and the machinations of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) this essay touches many bases – ending on the best of all positive notes – a future in which everything is reset – and the Globalist enslavers are finally gone.

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