The Paul Pelosi attack from a different point of view. 

BS Of The Day – That Pelosi Story – and Swiss Cheese I just can’t help it. If you take a serious look at all the reporting on this whole Paul Pelosi attack thing, it stinks to high heaven. This “attacker,” identified as David DePape, is now said (by the Epoch Times and many others) to be facing charges that could land him in jail for 50 years. But take this paragraph from the Epoch Times article, and tell me just how convenient was it that the cops located all this stuff “in a bedroom”?
“Officers located zip ties in a bedroom in the home and inside of a backpack, they found a journal, a roll of tape, a hammer, a pair of gloves, and white rope.”
And then there’s this – and as you read it, recall that this Pelosi attack supposedly occurred about 2 in the morning.
“A witness told officers that he saw a person wearing all black and carrying a large black bag walking near the Pelosi residence. Paul Pelosi, meanwhile, said that he was asleep when DePape entered the bedroom and said he wanted to talk to Nancy Pelosi. DePape said that he would wait, even after Paul Pelosi said his wife would not be home for several days.”
  Surveillance cameras all around the property, and they rely on a witness who saw somebody wearing a backpack at 2 in the morning? But the biggest red flag of all is that, according to earlier reports, a special FBI team was flown from the East Coast to participate in the whole drama. The FBI? As one of the reporters I used to work with would say, and this is one of the big reasons I quit the mainstream 30 years ago, “Never let the facts ruin a good story.” The facts, whether you want to believe them or not (so let’s just call it gossip and rumor on the alternative media) are that this Paul Pelosi (the elder) was a homosexual who invited DePape home from a gay bar, and the hammer he supposedly used to attack Pelosi was in fact a vibrating dildo – available in various colors if you know where to buy them.   In my previous report I also noted that Pelosi was able to ask for time out from the attack so he could go to his bathroom, where he just happened to have a cellphone on which he called 911. Then, according to the first official reports, he came out of the bathroom…which is truly hard to believe. Why on earth would he not have locked himself in there? On top of that, we were told the cops were responding to a Grade A Wellness Check – NOT an Intruder report. And please consider this. While this guy DePape might certainly be in custody and ready for trial, digging a little deeper reveals that he has been pretty much off his rocker since when he was just about 20 years old. Drugs, pedophilia, homosexuality (by way of prostitution) are allegedly components of his sleazy background – at least, according to his ex-wife and others. To my mind, that makes him a perfect fit for someone who was MK-Ultra’d, mind-controlled, and kept spaced out for decades as a sleeper to be turned into a patsy at some future point. Oh yes, and then there’s the alternative media. They’re saying Paul Pelosi was “taken out” quite a while ago. He might even already be in Gitmo. Or tried and sentenced to the remainder of his life there.  Well, enough of that deliberate distraction by the Dems. Except to say that if this thing is as much a boomerang as every other fake-out Nancy Pelosi and her coven of Satanists have tried over the years, then this picture of Paul the Younger is likely to gain more legs on social media from now on.

Make of it what you will.

Michael Knight, Editor of North Star News

Michael Knight, Editor, North Star Newsletter and Knightbeat News

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