The Paul Pelosi Attack

Let’s see now…82-year-old Paul Pelosi, husband of that other Pelosi – got attacked in their San Francisco mansion by a guy wielding a hammer.

This geriatric old guy was up at two in the morning when his assailant evaded all security cameras, security personnel, any Pelosi staff on the premises, not to mention infrared beams to get into the mansion through an unlocked sliding door.

Is that story fake, or are these real sliding doors?

That’s amazing don’t you think? He was able to sneak into the property, check all the available windows and doors, and find an unlocked one. WOW!

But please do not jump to any conclusions here. We have no desire to find ourselves accused of misinformation. We must trust the information given to us by the police, the White outHouse, and the Joe-boy who, like the younger Pelosi, has a penchant for ice cream and must be a purveyor of honesty and truth. Got that?

This break-in was at 2 in the morning, so it must have been quite a surprise for the ninja boy (reputedly dressed in underwear, unless someone is deliberately embellishing this story) to find himself accosted by the 82-year-old Paul Pelosi.

Now, continuing this satire couched in terms of disbelief, according to reports from those who no doubt had foreknowledge of the situation, speaking on condition of maximum publicity, once accosted by the hammer-wielding intruder, the frail 82-year-old got permission from the perp to go to the bathroom, where he just happened to have left his cellphone to charge.

Apparently, charging your cellphone in the bathroom is a Pelosi habit, every night no doubt, and then you get up at 2 in the morning just to be sure it is still there.

(As an aside, which may or may not be disinformation, the younger Pelosi – the one in the District of Corruption, did have an incriminating laptop stolen from her office when those terrible undercover FBI and Antifa people wearing MAGA hats insurrected on January 6. But that’s just rumor, as is the suggestion that it does include some really damning info about her secret life, whatever that is).

The bad guy who was looking for her in that incident at the Pelosi mansion – which is surrounded by a security wall to keep illegal people out – has been identified as a certain David DePape. He hangs out with nudists and makes hemp jewelry, and on this occasion reputedly wanted to take the hammer to Nancy Pelosi. Fortunately, she had left her husband at home and he (believably?) heard the sliding of the sliding door and was up and about in a flash.

The media has it that the bad guy was saying “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?” and he must have been just a little bit ticked when told that Nancy wasn’t home.

Fortunately, without attribution as to source, the media was privy to those first few words, and quickly advised the Whiteout House of the situation, which enabled the (p)resident Joe-boy to make his own statement of commiseration after the event. He would say the intruder was using the same chant as those who stormed the capitol on January 6. “Where’s Nancy? Where’s Nancy?” What a coincidence! Or did they just make that up for the sake of pre-rigged optics?

Anyway, according to the facts and the truths or some variation therefrom, in the official statements to date, the older Pelosi pleaded something akin to incontinence and was given permission to go to the bathroom where he called 911.

– and I must credit Peg Tierney and her newsletter for some of this information.

POLITICO: “Paul Pelosi was able to dial 911 himself after telling the intruder he had to go use the bathroom and then calling from there, where his phone had been charging, according to a person familiar with the situation.”

After that, the older elder Pelosi returned to the foyer while the cops responded to make a “Grade A wellness check.” Fortunately, on this occasion, if I am reading the police report incorrectly (or not) the Elder Pelosi and the intruder were both holding the hammer when the cops arrived. (Another version says they both had hammers. What’s up with that?).

It was as the cops came into the foyer that they saw the intruder beating on Poor Paul (a former DUI/vehicle crash survivor) with the hammer. If any of the cops had activated their bodycams, no doubt a certain amount of footage will soon be leaked to the press.

Releasing a statement SF Police Chief Bill Scott said “The suspect pulled the hammer away from Paul Pelosi and assaulted him with it” at which point the officers tackled the bad guy, took him into custody, and both were taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Getting on to the story faster than flies on stink, the alert(ed) downstream media was quick to find what cynics suspect was a pre-written article somewhere in the depths of their computers.

The Associated Press, also known as a DeepStateAsset, responded with this.

Only a total heretic would lie like a flatfish and say “hey, that’s what these creeps do. They have their social media posts before the event, and within minutes the media has access to all these preloaded threats and insights into their deranged mental condition. Just as well the FBI has known about all these psychos in advance – or, if not, they can find those websites and posts within hours of the incident in question. Amazing!”

Naturally, we must absolutely accept that this person was an avid MAGA jerk and Qanon zealot – although the dirtstream media has yet to tell us who this “Q” individual is, and where this “Qanon” outfit has its headquarters. If they can do that for BLM and run back-page reports about the principles ripping off millions from their BLM donors, why don’t they hunt down the “leaders” of Qanon?

Could it be that there is NO such organization? Just a few – millions – of people who are stupid enough to think the 2020 election was stolen, and the Dems are planning something similar for the midterms? … No no no … that couldn’t possibly align with the facts, could it?

Probably not. What’s more probable, if you have a twisted view of that guy Trump and his followers who keep mouthing nonsense about a “red wave” in November, I think you’d be smart enough (in your own mind) to make it seem like there are MAGA monsters loose in the wild, so the midterms must be canceled, just for your safety of course. As a matter of National Security.

In conclusion, it is very clear that the (p)resident White OutHouse person is on the ball. He took a really hard-ball question from one of those Mockingbird repeaters reporters, and this hit the newswires.

It must be true.

There you have it. The facts and nothing but the fax.

Now, moving on, here’s some late-breaking info from a subscriber to this free newsletter.

 I guess Paul Pelosi likes to get “hammered” in a variety of ways. None appear to be healthy. I have been following this since it started and like all major stories, just wait 24 hours and some additional information will come forth.

Initially, I thought it was Smollet III, and in part it is because the language of the MSM is to characterize PP as the victim, but is he not a willing participant in some ways?  Evidence appears to be that this willing participant issue may be the case.

The first MSM stories say the alleged assailant, David DePape, broke into the home and attacked PP with a hammer. The second part may be true, but did he really break into the house in his underwear and give PP time for a “pp” break while he is hammering away allowing PP to call the police?  Hmmmm…

I was listening to CNN yesterday morning and nearly every description of DD given was associated with MAGA, conspiracy theorist, etc. But is that true?

Partial source:

I can conceive the possibility that he may have been a “normie” in the process of “Red Pilling,” having anger at feeling betrayed, but is that the motive for this attack?

First, he lives in Berkeley which is the last place a MAGA conservative would consider living.

Second, he presided over a marriage of nudists.

Third, if true, flies an LGBT flag outside of his residence.

Fourth, if true, his girlfriend was arrested for trafficking teens for Sex.

So, knowing this and what came out after PP auto accident is PP had a teenage boy in his car at the time.

My question is: was DD a supplier for satisfying PP’s apparent predilection towards young boys? Maybe DD and PP we’re getting it on? Just thinking.

Moving on, the issue about the broken glass being broken from the inside may or may not be true. In the picture below it appears that this was laminated glass. However, parts of the glass pane are folded outward. I am not an expert on glass forensics, but what is even more strange is the door with the broken glass was not the open door and the glass on the ground does not appear to have been swept away by opening that door. Hmmmm…

You decide.