We haven’t heard the last of this FTX saga.

While the Deep State/WEF might have thought they could get away with using it as their money laundering machine so billions in aid to Ukraine could be siphoned back to crokked politicians, as well as donating millions to Democrats to help them screw the midterm elections, there is much more to come.

It’s not obvious at the moment, but based on what I have researched so far, it appears this could be one of the first dominoes to fall as the world banking empire, controlled by those well known families, goes into a total meltdown.

That’s why it is so prudent to keep as little as possible in the bank, and cash somewhere else.

Under the mattress next to .45 – and I’m not talking about being in bed with you-know-who – would be one old-fashioned option.






Make of it what you will.


Michael Knight, Editor of North Star News

Michael Knight, Editor, North Star Newsletter and Knightbeat News

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