By Michael Knight, Editor of North Star News

This is a personal opinion, but as President Trump continues draining the swamp, today is a good time to ask what is being done by (and to) some of the major players in American politics, especially those who would plunge the world into a One World Kampf.

All these players are involved one way or another in the battle over a New World Order, which some have been desperate to impose, while others are determined to root out those involved in the shadow government and the cabal

In reality, there are good people and bad people on both sides of the aisle. It just so happens that the bad people have had their way for far too long. They have been very adept at manipulating public opinion, and perhaps the best example of this is the Clinton saga.

How is it that former President Clinton could get away with his many predatory sexual dalliances, make settlements of as much as $800,000, and even survive an impeachment move, despite bald-face lying?

How is it that the Clinton Foundation and other so-called charities the Clintons were involved in could raise literally billions of dollars under the guise of helping the thousands who were left destitute after the Haiti earthquake – and virtually none of that money was ever used for the advertised purpose?

How could Hillary Clinton, when Secretary of State, sign off on a deal that gave Russia control of at least 20% of Uranium production in the US?

How could she not have known that the DNC helped pay for that scurrilous and totally discredited dossier on Donald Trump – and how did she and her party get away with rigging the vote that ousted Bernie Sanders from the race for the presidency?

It’s not just me asking these questions.

Attorney General Sessions is now, finally, making a move to open further investigations into at least some of those issues.

From “The Hill.”

Sessions weighs second special counsel to probe Clinton-related matters


“Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering naming a special counsel to lead an investigation into a list of matters involving Hillary Clinton, according to a Monday letter the Justice Department sent to the House Judiciary Committee.

“President Trump’s top prosecutor is interested in further probing a wide range of topics including the Obama-era Uranium One deal that gave a Russian-owned company partial control of U.S. atomic energy resources.

“Officials told The Hill that the Justice Department is also currently investigating several issues related to Clinton Foundation donations, the unmasking of American identities by the intelligence community and former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the investigation into Clinton’s private email server, all of which could lead to the appointment of a second special prosecutor if the facts warrant.”

Hillary Gets The Boot

Hillary Clinton breaks toe falling down stairs, misses BBC interview(, 10-16-17)

“Hillary Clinton was delayed arriving for the filming of the BBC’s Graham Norton Show due to a broken toe. The former US presidential candidate arrived for the recording of Norton’s BBC One show wearing a surgical boot. Mrs Clinton said: “I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards.”

AMAZING – running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand talking over her shoulder and trips and falls, and all she does is break a toe??????

McCain Gets The Boot

Whether he was a genuine war hero, or, as some say, one who sang like a bird when imprisoned in North Vietnam, Senator John McCain at 81 is most definitely at war with President Trump.

Like many politicians, McCain has mastered the art of getting votes, and then doing what he wants once he is elected. After campaigning for re-election on a theme of needing to scrap Obamacare, he sided with the Democrats when President Trump’s health bill came up for a vote.

McCain, like Hillary Clinton, can’t get over the fact that Donald Trump became president.

McCain and Clinton have two other things in common. First, they are advocates of globalization (the NWO theme).

Second, they have both been pictured wearing medical boots on their right legs – which has led to speculation that they are wearing ankle bracelets – the sort reserved for keeping track of individuals you don’t want to lose sight of.

This is very interesting in light of the number of sealed indictments that have been mentioned on a number of Internet sites, amid claims that a lot of arrests are occurring as the swamp is cleared.

John McCain treated for injury to Achilles tendon, plans to wear boot (11-6-17)

“”Senator McCain was treated at Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend for a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon, as well as for other normal and non-life-threatening side effects of cancer therapy,” the statement read. “Senator McCain has returned to work in the Senate and will be wearing a walking boot until his injured tendon is fully healed.””

I can’t tell you how much I hate wearing this boot!…

John McCain (@SenJohnMcCain) November 06, 2017

Are Hillary’s and John McCain’s orthopedic boots actually ankle bracelets? (11-7-17)

“When I posted about her broken toe, FOTM‘s Dave, who recently had much experience with toe and foot medical issues, remarked that “Broken toes do not require boots like that.”” Kauilapele | 2017/11/13 at 23:11

There’s a thread on an Internet forum that says that if all the crooked politicians in the US government were to be indicted, that would remove 70% of those currently in power – so instead of that, a decision has been made to let those who favor the cabal agenda either resign or choose not to seek re-election. We’ll have to wait and see about that. Just as we’ll have to wait and see how well President Trump does if he is indeed “draining the swamp.” All we can do is be prepared for the ripple effect.

That’s why it is recommended that we all have have at least a two-week supply of essentials.

Research Suggestions

As a lifelong investigative journalist (one of the few honest ones apparently)  I can’t vouch wholeheartedly for any of the following links, but I can say that there appears to be an awful lot of information that you will NOT find being covered by the lamestream media.

The two links go to rather long but comprehensive articles. They might make your head spin, but it’s better to know what might be coming with President Trump’s return from abroad, rather than find yourself being being caught by surprise.

This next link is from a site which claims to be talking about reports that are circulating in the Kremlin.

Therefore, it could be said to be a disinformation operation.

On the other hand, it just might be one of those “psyop” sites that was established by one of the US agencies in order to release genuine information for those with “the ears to hear.”

So, with that cautionary note, I can say that for this article at least, the included links all worked, and that is a reasonable indication that this could indeed be a way of letting you know some of what to expect as the swamp goes down.

“Deep State” Bloodbath Moves To Saudi Arabia As Trump-NSA Forces Continue Rampage

David Wilcock features in this next link. He takes you through an over-view of recent events, and even suggests that President Trump has found a way, other than through Twitter, and certainly not through the Cabal News Network (CNN) and the other fake news outlets, to let people know what to expect in the near future.

Something Very Big, Part III: Saudi Mass Arrests Sign of Impending Cabal Defeat?

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